Sunday, February 27, 2011

Paper Lunch Bags

Before there was the new plastic lunch boxes, cloth zip ones or even the old metal lunch boxes there was paper bags.  You know the kind your parents used while walking to school in snow up to their knees 3 miles one way.  I have not seen anyone use these bags for an actual "lunch bag" for quite a while but there is many other uses for these when it comes to having a party.  Usually you can buy them in two types, white and the old fashioned brown kind.  If you go to a craft store you can even find colored ones but the white ones are my favorite.  They are cheap and you can buy them in bulk at Sams Club and probably Costco or you can get smaller amounts at most other stores that have groceries.  I bought a big bundle from Sams a couple years ago and have used it for every party since and still have plenty more for years to come.  You can use them for goodie bags, for games, for putting popcorn in and for many other things.  I've stamped them, ran them thru my printer, given kids stickers to make their own design, put wrapping paper strips on them, tied a bow on them and that is only a few of the ways to decorate them.  For just pennies you can have custom made bags for any party you are planning.  Here are a few examples of what I have done with plain white paper bags.

This bag was for a baby shower where the babies were already born and I had a picture of them.  I took some polka doted wrapping paper and cut it into strips and glued it to the bag then I took some coordinating card stock and cut into strips and glued over that then I finished with a picture of the babies.  For the top I folded over hold punched and tied some ribbon thru the holes.  They turned out really cute.

This was for an animal theme party.  I just got pictures of animals off of the local zoo's website and printed them out then glued them onto the bags and folded over.  I also made coordinating picks for the cupcakes where I printed the same pictures and glued them onto card stock with a toothpick in between the layers.

This shows the kinds of stickers that you can buy for kids to decorate the bags themselves.  I got these stickers off of oriental trading's website.  They come with several sticker sheets in different types of animals.  I just let the kids put their names on the bags with crayons and then make their own animal face on them with the stickers.
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