Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rainbow Cake

A Rainbow cake a good option if you want an awesome cake but don't have any cake decorating skills or just want to make a fun cake.  From the outside it looks like a plain cake but once you cut into it everyone will be surprised how great it looks.  You can make it in cupcake liners or in cake pans.  You can put several colors in the same pan or do separate layers.  The great thing about this cake is you can customize it however you want and it will still turn out great.

White Cake Mix
Food Coloring
Disposable Plastic Cups
Plastic Spoons
Cake Pan
Wax Paper

It doesn't matter if you want to make a cake or cupcakes they both start the same way.  Mix your cake mix according to the directions on the box.  To make for easy cleanup divide the cake mix equally into the plastic cups that you can just throw away later.  Unless you like cleaning lots & lots of dishes then you can use whatever bowls you want.  Decide what colors you want to make your cake.  You could do the full rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet) or you could just pick colors that match the theme of your party.  Again for easy cleanup use your plastic spoons to stir the food coloring in each cup until you get the desired color making sure not to leave any streaks of white or food coloring.  Now here is where the directions change according to what you are going to do.

Cake with separate colored layers
You will need to grease your cake pan with Crisco.  For easy removal of the cake from the pan put the pan on a sheet of wax paper draw the shape of your pan on the wax paper and cut it out.  Put the wax paper in the pan over where you greased it, then grease again over the top of the wax paper.  Pour your cake mix into the pan and bake.  If you are making thin layers make sure to lower the cooking time so you don't burn it.  Once it is done invert on cooling rack.  Repeat baking layers until all are done.  Once all layers are cool put one layer on a cake platter put icing on top that layer and repeat for all layers then cover the whole cake in icing.  You are done.

Cake with several colors in one pan
Take your pan and prepare the same as in the option above.  Pour some of one color in the center of the pan (if making 2 layers do half of each color in one pan then put the other half in the 2nd pan), pour your next color in the center of your first color, repeat for all colors.  Bake.  Invert onto cooling rack.  Put one layer on a cake platter put icing over it and repeat for 2nd layer then cover the whole cake in icing.  And you have made yet another great cake.

Rainbow Cupcakes
Use the aluminum cupcake liners if you want the rainbow colors to be a secret.  Pour one spoon full in each of the cupcake liners.  Repeat pouring one spoonful on top of first color until you use all your colors or fill liner 3/4 full of cake mix.  Bake according to the cake box.  Use icing to cover the cupcakes.


Oh, and if you are wondering what kind of frosting I use on these here is the recipe.

For this cake I made it match the colors of the 4 monkeys on the plates

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