Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blog Stats

Who doesn't like looking at their blog stats and seeing that people are actually reading their blog.  I've been getting hits every day and while I won't bore you with my numbers (because they are rather unimpressive I'm sure compared to other peoples blogs) I am thankful for all the readers I do have.  I'm always grateful for new followers and commenters.  So as you stop by to check out that post that you were googling for make sure you click around my blog a little bit and check out some of my other posts.  Thanks for looking.

Blog Stat Facts
I've found it interesting that recently my Jungle Vine Decorations post and my Cool Whip Frosting Recipe have now past my Easy Candy Melt Transfers post as the most viewed.  I find it amazing how many people search for Jungle Vine decorations (I get hits for that post almost every day).  Jungle parties must be super popular right now.  But everyone should really check out the Candy Melt Post it's a really easy way to make your own custom decorations for any theme cake you are working on. 

The Cool Whip Frosting post was just an after thought because I thought people looking at my Rainbow Cake would maybe like that recipe.  But I was so surprised when the frosting recipe started getting more hits than the original cake post. 

My Castle Cake has not gotten hardly any hits and this was the cake that I was most proud of.  So click away people and check it out. 

Click, Comment and Follow Me!!!!  You will be glad you did. :)


  1. Hm. That's pretty interesting.

    The candy melts post is definitely my favorite, but maybe people don't search for that because they don't know what it's called? I would suggest tagging posts with terms you think people may search for. Like, instead of just tagging it "candy melts", maybe tag it "easy cupcake decorations" or "do-it-yourself character cupcakes", or even "chocolate candy cupcake decorations". It will make your "Labels" section really long, but you'll get more hits. Just a suggestion!

  2. Good thinking TB. I guess I need to be a little more creative in my tagging. Thanks for the advice.


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