Saturday, April 9, 2011

Castle Cake fit for a Princess

Ok so this castle cake does take a while to put together and probably is a little difficult if you are a beginner at cake decorating.  But your little princess will be so happy with it, it will all be worth it if you do try to make it for her.  My mother and I both worked on this cake.  If I remember right I had 4 or 5 boxes of cake mix in it and probably 4 or 5lbs of powdered sugar in the icing along with a lot of butter.  So while it is not that healthy it is a very beautiful cake.  We iced/sprinkeled the tower peaks and outlined the windows & doors the night before so they would have time to get hard.  Everything else we did party day.

Wiltons website has a list of all the items needed and detailed instructions for this cake.  They call it The Princess' Address Castle Cake

Changes I made in my version or should have made
1.  I only used drop flowers.  I did not make the fondant flowers that they talk about in their instructions because I just wanted to use regular icing.
2.  I made my own buttercream icing.  But I wish I would have used the white white icing color so the icing would have been a really crisp white and matched the pillars better. I didn't even know this stuff existed until a few days after I had made the cake.
3.  Because I had already gone thru soooo many pound of powdered sugar I decided only to do a crumb coat of icing on the cakes and not to do a final icing coat.  But if I was going to make this again I would put the top coat so it would look better.
4.  I used a 12 in pan instead of a 10 in so my bottom layer would be a little bigger and leave more room to fit everything on the cake.  I think the bottom cake also has 3 layers because 2 layers just looked a little to thin using the 12 in pan.
5.  I had my dad drill holes in the bottom of the towers that were going on top of the cakes and inserted wooden dowels so they would be easier to place on the cake.  I felt better doing it this way because I was a little worried about the top pillars falling off using their directions of attaching the dowels with melted candy.

Now DRUM ROLL is the finished cake in all it's glory.  It turned out great and everyone loved it including our little princess.

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  1. I can't really tell in the photos that the icing doesn't match the pillars. I'm sure that your daughter didn't notice either--she probably felt like the luckiest girl in the world!

    I'm going to show this to my friend who's son is obsessed with knights and castles. :)


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