Saturday, April 30, 2011

Diaper Cake Creation

A new baby is something special to celebrate and enjoy.  What could be a better centerpiece for a baby shower than a "cake" full of useful items for the parents-to-be (What is more useful than diapers right).  You can google for directions on how to make the actual "cake" (I will post instructions here next time I make one) but for now I am just going to talk about decorating them.  There are several approaches to decorating a diaper cake the one I have made below is one that is full of colorful flowers and scrapbook elements for embellishments.  I just bought several different types of artifical flowers and cut them into smaller sections then stuffed them inbetween the diapers.  You don't want to use glue or tape to secure the flowers or it will make it difficult for the new parents be able to get to the diapers to use them later.  Add leaves between the flowers for an extra layer of color and texture.  You can buy alot of different types of baby scrapbooking accents.  The ones I used in the picture below had a sticky foam sticker on the back so they stuck to the diapers but could easily be removed later.  And if the mother-to-be scrapbooks they will be great to use in a baby scrapbook she may be making.  The one I made was for a centerpiece but you can make one and decorate it with baby items like powder, rattles, creams, etc and use the "cake" for a present instead.  What ever kind you decide to make just use some creativity and make it your own and it will turn out great.


  1. I got my first diaper cake at a surprise shower when I was pregnant with our 3rd was so adorable I didn't even want to take it apart! They really are a beautiful AND practical gift for any mom to be:)


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