Monday, April 18, 2011

Lovin me some Tutus

My daughter loves to play dress up and is always wanting more dress up clothes.  So I couldn't help myself when I came across this tutorial on how to make a tutu.  I loved the idea so much I made one for my daughter AND one for my niece.  They were so easy to make I might just have to stock up on tulle when I find it on sale so I can make tutus for my daughters next birthday party.

They turned out great didn't they. :)  The one on the left I used a layer of white tulle along with a layer of colored tulle that were each 6 in wide x 15 in long for every section.  The one of the right I used two pieces of the same color tulle for each section that were 6 in wide x 20 in long.  I bought 2 yards of each blue, purple and pink tulle.  I had a partial roll of white tulle already so I'm not sure how much of that I actually used.  But I used up almost every last bit of all of the tulle making these two tutus.  So cost wise I probably had about $5 in each one but that's alot cheaper than I could have bought them for already made.  I could have got my cost down by looking for sales or using coupons on the tulle but I fell in love with the idea and just had to make them right away.  Have fun making tutus of your own.


  1. Can't I just pay you to make them for me? These would be great for dress-up for the girls at my house, but I just can't seem to find the time to go shopping for materials and then to sit down and get it! Love them tho, they are super, super cute!

  2. I can make them for you (no charge even). Just get the supplies and bring it over. I would go shopping for you but I wouldn't know what colors your girls want. Instead of doing the tutu's on the ribbon like the directions say I've also seen them made from elastic that you just sew the size you want then the girls could pull them on & off by themselves. Having to tie the tutu can be a hassle when they keep wanting to take them on & off over and over.


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