Saturday, May 21, 2011

Origami Jumping Frog

Ok, picture this.  You are stuck somewhere and the kids are bored there is nothing for them to do so you are rummaging thru your purse trying to find something for them.  All you have is a couple old pieces of paper but they have stuff printed all over them so they won't make very good paper for them to draw on and you have nothing else.  What to do, what to do???  But wait you remember reading my tutorial on how to make Origami Jumping Frogs (and luckily you bookmarked my blog on your smartphone) and all is saved!!!  You make the frogs and your kids have a good time having frog jumping races and give you a few minutes of quiet.  Now on with that tutorial...

Origami Jumping Frogs

Step 1:  Get a strip of paper.  Mine is about 3 inches wide.
Step 2:  Fold a corner over until the end side lines up with the side of the paper making a triangle.
Step 3:  Fold the other side of the paper up along the middle line you just made.
Step 4:  Fold the excess paper back along the edge of your triangle and tear or cut off the excess.  Disregard this excess sheet of paper or hold on to it to make another frog out of if it is big enough.
Step 5:  Take your paper that you have been folding with and fold onto its self to make a square to give you a center line.  Then open the paper back up flat.
Step 6:  Take the opened flat piece of paper and fold each side to the center line you just made.
Step 7:  Pop one of the corners open (see right side of pic) then push crease into the center (see left side of picture)
Step 8:  Repeat for all corners.
Step 9:  Fold each of the middle flaps up to the corner lining it up to the corner & sides of the paper.
Step 10:  Repeat folding all 4 flaps up.
Step 11:  Fold your flap back over lining it up to the fold you just made in the step before.  (These will be the frogs legs)
Step 12:  Repeat for all 4 legs.
Step 13:  Flip over
Step 14:  Fold the 2 sides up to give you a center crease line.
Step 15:  Fold the to sides in to the center crease line.

Step 16:  Fold the bottom area up.

Step 17:  Poke the two sides into the pockets in the bottom section you just folded up. 

Step 18:  Press down flat.
Step 19:  Flip over

Step 20:  Fold the frog up along the center line so the back legs are on top of the frog legs.

Step 21:  Fold the legs back so the bottom edge of the back of the frog lines up with the crease you just made.

Step 22:  You are done!!!  If you press down onto the middle edge of the last fold you made to the back of the frog it will make your frog jump.


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