Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pom Pom Party Decorations

While searching the Internet for party decorations a while back I found this tutorial for Tissue Paper Pom Poms on Martha Stewarts website.  They looked so great floating over the table and the mini ones looked so cute sitting on the table settings.  I knew I just had to make them some day.  Well that day came while I was cleaning for a birthday party and found some tissue paper that I had used for a party the year before.  I only had a few sheets of tissue paper left but I really wanted to try to make one.  So I stopped cleaning (Because what is more fun crafting or cleaning.  Crafing Right!) and found some ribbon and scissors.  In the Martha Stewarts tutorial she says to use floral wire.  But really how many people have floral wire sitting around their house.  I found that curling ribbon worked good as a replacement and who doesn't have a little curling ribbon stuffed somewhere.  So this is how I made my pom poms

Tissue paper, 8 sheets for each Pom  Pom 20x30in (my tissue paper wasn't this big but it still turned out fine)
Curling ribbon

Step 1:  Take your tissue paper leaving them stacked on top of each other.  Accordion fold them.  Martha's website says to make them 1 1/2 in wide folds.  I think I made mind a little narrower but it still worked good. 

Step 2:  Take the curling ribbon and make wrap it around the center of the folded tissue paper that you just finished.  Tie it in a knot making sure you have it wrapped tight around the tissue paper but you don't need to make it so tight that it starts wrinkling the tissue paper.  Leave a tail on one side of the curling ribbon long enough for you to be able to hang it by that ribbon.  The other side of the ribbons knot should be cut short because you don't want it to dangle out of your pom pom.

Step 3:  Cut the ends of the folded tissue paper.  Scallop or point cuts work the best this will make the outside of the pom pom look fancy.

Step 4:  Take the top layer of the tissue paper separating it from the rest and fluffing it up.  Continue for both sides until you have fluffed up all of the tissue paper and turned it into a very fabulous pom pom.

Step 5:  Hang by the long ribbon.  I tied mine onto a ceiling fan leaving some extra ribbon hanging down on the other side and curled the ribbon a little.

Here are my finished pom poms. The larger one was easier to fluff than the smaller ones but I think they all would have been easier to fluff if I had made my folds bigger.  Have fun making your own!

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