Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cars Movie Logo, Mater & Lightning McQueen Candy Melt Cake Toppers

In celebration of Cars 2 coming out this week I have made some candy melt cake toppers of the Cars Logo, Mater & Lightning McQueen.  These would look great on top of cupcakes or you could make them bigger and put them on your child's birthday cake.  Sorry about the rough outlines on these, I had a 3 year old pulling on my arm when I was outlining.  I would normally have redone them but I ran out of candy melts. :(    So what you see is what you get.  But just so you know it's probably best to make these when your kids aren't around so you don't have any distractions.  To see how candy melts look on cupcakes and cakes see my other candy melt blog post here.

Step 1:  Buy supplies:
-Candy Melts come in all different colors just find the ones you want
-Disposable Decorating Bags sure you could use a Ziploc bag if you wanted but I like these better because they are thicker and easier to handle
-A Design you could get it from a coloring book or print it off the Internet
-Wax paper
-Flat surface that can be moved around (I like to use a cutting board)

Step 2:  After you find pictures of the cars characters on the Internet print them out.  If you are going to do something with words I would have normally reversed the picture so when I flip the candy melt over when it is done the words would be  facing the right way.  But with this logo I wanted to do a layered design so I didn't flip it.  After you print your characters tape them down to a cutting board that will fit in your freezer/fridge.  Then tape a piece of wax paper over your printed image.

Step 3:  Get your disposable decorating bags and fill them with your candy melts.  I ran out of candy melts and I put a square of almond bark in the white.  I also wanted two different brown colors for mater so I put part of a square of almond bark in with some chocolate candy melts trying to get a lighter brown color.  Now if I was going to do this for an actual birthday cake.   I would have chosen dark chocolate candy melts, milk chocolate candy melts, white and red candy melts (A little yellow might also be nice if you want to do the lightning bolt on the side of McQueen).  But I don't have any stores close around here to buy some more candy melts at so I just used what I had around the house.

Step 4:  Melt your candy melts in the microwave.  Only melt the color that you will be working with next because they will get hard again if you don't use them right away.  I think I usually do 30 seconds at half power then squish them around and do another 30 seconds at half power squish them around and they were done.  If you have more melts than I had in my bags it may take a little longer.  Cut a very small hole off the end of the bag you are working with.  I usually start with my outline color but for this I started with my white.  Below you can see where I did the white and was working on the outline.  Between colors put your board in the freezer/fridge to get the design hard before applying your next color.

Step 5:  After doing the white and the outline.  I filled with the lighter chocolate for Mater and filled McQueen with the red.  I also did the background of the Cars logo with red.  I was going to do a 3 layer design for the logo but changed my mind to only do a 2 layer design so disregard the V shape between Mater & McQueen and see that I added more design elements to the top Cars logo.  The Mater, McQueen and the red background of the logo will all be flipped but the Cars wording & outline will just go on top of the red logo background.

Step 6:  After you have chilled your designs again and they have hardened you can flip them over.  I applied the top design of the logo on the red background sticking them together with a little bit of candy melt between the layers.  Now if you look closely the chocolate in Mater seems to be a little odd looking.  I'm not sure if this is from the wax paper, candy melts I used, the freezer or what.  But it is easily fixed by using a hairdryer on a low setting on your designs for a few seconds and the weird look will be gone.  Below is closeups of all the designs.

McQueen turned out pretty good.  A lightning bolt on the side would have made it perfect.

Cars Logo turned out good.  The layers made it really stand out.

Mater would have turned out better if I would
have had dark chocolate & milk chocolate so the
outline would show up better but it's still pretty cute.

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  1. You know, The Kid wants a chocolate chip cookie cake, and I was wondering how I was going to get the design he wanted on it--maybe I'll just make a candy melt design! Thanks for the reminder. :)


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