Saturday, July 16, 2011

Batman Candy Melt Cake Toppers

Yes, I think I am officially obsessed with candy melts.  This time I've made the batman logo.  These would be perfect for a Batman themed party or even a Halloween party.  I made these pretty thin to just sit on top of the icing on a cake or cupcake.  You could also make them a little thicker by adding a thicker coating of white or chocolate candy melts to the back.  Then if you wanted you could press a lollipop stick in the back.  That way you could have custom candy melt lollipops or you could then push the stick into a cupcake to make a really awesome cupcake.  Below shows where I had printed a sheet full of the logos and had already went over the images with chocolate candy melts and had started filling them in with the white chocolate candy melts.  For more directions and ideas for other candy melt cake toppers please look at all my candy melt posts.

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