Saturday, July 23, 2011

Reverse Stencil Pillowcases

Here's a great idea for making custom pillowcases for your kids.  I got the idea from a family fun magazine article where they were making t-shirts this way.

Contact paper
pattern for stencil
pillowcase or t-shirt
sprayable fabric paint

Step 1:  Print a pattern of some kind out (I used flowers, butterfly's & elephant printouts for my kids pillowcases.  The tree was free handed, and the "water" shape under the elephants was free handed by my son)

Step 2: Staple the patter to your contact paper making sure to staple onto the contact paper on the outside of the pattern so that when it gets cut out it will not have any staples on the actual pattern.

Step 3:  Cut out your pattern on the contact paper.

Step 4:  Put a sheet of cardboard inside your pillowcase to keep the paint from seeping thru to the back of the pillowcase.

Step 5:  Peel the contact paper and stick it on your pillowcase where you want it to be.

Step 6:  Spray your pillowcases with the fabric spray paint.  I used Tulip brand paint you can find it at wal-mart or any craft store like Michaels.  I found that if you propped up your pillow case and sprayed straight at it you got a fine mist but if you laid it flat on the ground you would get more of a splatter spray (do this outside of course so you don't get paint on anything else).

Step 7:  Repeat spraying with any of the colors you want.

Step 8:  Allow to fully dry then remove the cardboard from the middle. 

Step 9:  Follow directions on paint package for dry times and washing instructions.

Step 10:  Let your kids enjoy their very own custom made pillow cases.

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