Saturday, September 17, 2011

Perfect Pumpkin Carving Ideas

I love fall.  There is a chill in the air lately that makes me want to get ready for fall and has me already looking for things to decorate with for Halloween.  I know Halloween is over a month away but I just can't wait.  So I'm posting pumpkin carving pics from the last two years for you to enjoy.  I usually do a design for each of my kids and then I do another pumpkin in a design I choose.  My kids are getting older so they have both been getting into the pumpkin carving the last couple of years and I've added some pictures of pumpkins they have made.  Hope everyone has fun carving pumpkins this year and has a great Halloween.

The smiling Jack-o-lantern & skull/crossbones are from one of those pumpkin carving books.  The Tinkerbell I did from a printout from the Internet and then punched holes and cut stars for the sparkles.  The small jack-o-lantern is one that my son made.

Here is a close up of the Tinkerbell design.

Closeup of smiley pumpkin.

Closeup of skull & cross bones.

The Minnie was from a pumpkin carving design book.  The Pikachu & Linus were things I got off the Internet.  The pumpkin in the middle is a design from my son and the pigtail pumpkin (on the right) was made with help of my daughter (it turned out really cute).

Closeup of Minnie Mouse Pumpkin.

Closeup of Linus Pumpkin from "It's a great pumpkin, Charlie Brown"

Closeup of the Pokemon Pikachu Pumpkin.

Closeup of pigtail pumpkin.  See the pigtails sticking out of the side?  I used the smile that I cut out of this and another pumpkin as the pigtails then carved bows at the base of each pigtail.


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