Saturday, September 24, 2011

Popcorn Babyshower Favor

These are super simple and are so easy to cordinate to any theme you are doing for any shower.

Wrapping paper
Name Labels to send thru your printer
Microwave popcorn bags

Step 1:  Find some wrapping paper that matches your theme.
Step 2:  Cut wrapping paper into strips wide enough to cover your popcorn bags leaving the side plastic showing.
Step 3:  Wrap your popcorn bags with the wrapping paper and cut to length.  Secure in the back with tape, double stick tape, gluestick, etc.
Step 4:  Using word or any other similar computer program format your labels with any clipart and words that you want.  Mine said "Cathy Xxxxxx's Baby Shower, Here is a yummy treat for you to enjoy because she is about to pop with a girl & a boy" (she was having twins).  Then print your labels out.
Step 5:  Stick your labels onto card stock then cut around the labels leaving some cardstock showing with some fancy siccors.
Step 6:  Glue your Cardstock/Label a little off center onto the front of the wrapped popcorn package.
Step 7:  Tie the ribbon on to the popcorn beside the label and curl the ends of the ribbon.
Step 8:  Vouala.  A perfectly adorable babyshower favor that will perfectly match your theme or colors.

Oh, and if you want to know about making that diapercake in the background check out my post about that here.


  1. How cute! I'm going to pass these on to a friend who just found out she's having a boy. :)

  2. Yes this thing is right as this favor is suitable to any baby shower.Pooh Baby Shower


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