Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Helpful Hint #2 Carving Tools

When carving a pumpkin it is very important to keep the knife tools out of the reach of small children.  Not only to keep them from cutting themselves but also so they don't destroy the pumpkin you just cut.  Case in point, my daughter wanted a pumpkin with sharp teeth after I helped her get the pumpkin carved I walked away for a second to wash my hands.  Upon returning to the table I found her holding a knife along with a few teeth.  Lesson learned.  I think she got 3 teeth out before I came back.  Maybe she has a future as a dentist.

Another carving tools helpful hint is to make sure you look at all sides of the pumpkin before you start carving.  My daughter had started sticking a knife in the pumpkin before I had time to do that so we just started carving on this side.  I only realized after we were done carving that the opposite side was perfect with no blemishes.  Yet another lesson learned.

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