Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rapunzel Birthday Cake

The new Tangled movie from Disney had my little girl wanting a Rapunzel themed birthday cake.  My first idea for this cake was to do the tower that Rapunzel lives in using different types of ice cream cones for the base of the structure and applying candy clay over it to get the tower design but then after looking all over the web I found that this had already been done but a lot of people and I wanted something different.  I found a few cakes that wrapped her long hair around the cake but none were done in a way that I really liked.  So then I thought up this idea using her crown on top of the cake and having her braided hair wrapping around the cake with flowers in the braid.  I first sketched out the design on the computer and when my daughter saw the design her jaw dropped (she can be a little dramatic) but I knew then that I had to make this cake for her.  I think it turned out pretty cute and she really liked it.  The cake was made using 2 layers of each an 8 in pan and a 6 inch pan.  The tiara, flowers and bow were made out of candy clay (see my other blog here for a tutorial on how to make the tiara).  Then I used buttercream icing for the cake and Rapunzel's braid.  For the braid I used the 1M tip from Wilton and Wilton's Buttercup Yellow coloring.  I then added a little edible glitter for a little princess sparkle.  Oh and the reason why I "roughed" up the icing on the cake is that I could not find my icing spatula to make it smooth but I think the roughness ended up working out and make it look even better. And my daughter thought the dots going around the edges of the cakes made it look like necklaces but they were really just a quick afterthought to cleanup the edges a little bit.  But I guess it all worked into the princess theme after all.


  1. It turned out beautifully! Did N want to wear the crown, or just eat it?

  2. She really wanted to eat it. I had to keep telling her not to touch it while it was sitting waiting to get put on top of the cake. I was sure it would have a bite mark in it before I got the cake done. But she was able to wait until right after she blew out the candles and then she wanted to eat it. I only let her have a little bit of it but I think I got a good pic of her shoving it into her mouth.

  3. That is so cute! Look how I did mine:



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