Saturday, March 3, 2012

Teacher, Daycare & Sunday School Gifts

Last year I went all out and got all my son's teachers, principal, school secretaries, nurse; my daughters daycare teachers and both their Sunday school teachers a gifts (18 total gifts) for Christmas.  It helped that i got a great deal at Bath & Body Works to be able to give them all something. Here is just some of the things I got from B&BW. 

I just took some white lunch bags (you know the ones that I blog a lot about, because I bought a huge bundle of them at Sams years ago and I'm still using them) and put some red metallic filler in it.  I actually got the red filler in a  present that I had already received this year, so I got to recycle that, which was great.  Then I put one of the pump soaps or antibacterial tubes that I got from Bath & Body works in the bag.  The tubes were kind of small so I used some tissue paper as filler in those.

I folded the bag over & hole punched it 2 times.  I then ran 2 strands of different colored ribbon through the holes and tied it into a knot to seal the bag shut.  Then I added one of the magnet labels that I made (I'll post a link whenever I do a blog post on how to make the magnets) and tied into a knot again.  Curl the ribbon by running your scissors over it and you got yourself one awesome gift.

Here are all my packages that I ended up making.  I ran out of B&BW stuff so I had to give one of the teenage helpers at Sunday school just the magnets.  I just ran some ribbon through the hole and curled it and it turned out pretty cute just by its self.  I have several of the magnet labels left but I plan on using them for cookie plates or just putting some ribbon on them and giving them out as presents to friends and family.


  1. That's a lot of gifts! I like the hole punch idea--I never would have thought of that.

    Looking forward to the magnet post!

  2. I actually went a little magnet crazy and made 150 magnets. So 4 magnets to a tag, that's what... like what about, 37 magnet presents. I ended up giving them to coworkers and family. I just couldn't stop myself. But I think I only spent a total of $25 in supplies and still have glue and beads left over. :)


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