Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Basket Ideas

This year for Easter I have gone basketless.  For years I've put the kids Easter stuff in some kind of a basket.  I have a plush baskets, plastic baskets, metal baskets and wooden baskets that are just sitting around the house and hardly ever get used.  This year I found these great little plastic bags from Wal-mart that I put my kids stuff in.  They were a package of 2 bags for less than $2 and came with elastic ties and tags for each bag.  I'm not big on putting a lot of candy in my kids Easter baskets because they usually get tons of candy from several Easter egg hunts so they don't need any more.  This is what I put in my girls "basket":  Swimsuit, Hello Kitty activity book, 2 sets of headbands, 2 packages of gum and one chocolate bunny.  For my son's "basket" we bought a fish tackle box, fish tackle supplies, a DVD and one chocolate bunny.  I spent more than I planned on for Easter this year (fish tackle adds up fast) but I think they will like it.  I will probably save the bags and reuse them for something else (I'm cheap like that).  I hope everyone has a good Easter.

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  1. Great Post.Create themed Easter baskets that reflect your child's interests. Fill a flowerpot with plastic or safe metal gardening tools and seeds to plant. For an artist's basket, include craft supplies such as markers, crayons, clay and a coloring book.

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