Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cheap & Free Disney World Souvenirs

There is no way that Disney World is a cheap vacation.  I mean after you figure in airfare/driving, resort rooms, park tickets and food you have probably already racked up a couple thousand dollar bill for your vacation.  Luckily there are several things you can pickup from around Disney that make great mementos but won't cost you much at all, if anything.  Now the ultimate FREE/CHEAP souvenir is pictures. Take pictures of your child with that huge stuffed Mickey that they want but you will not buy them.  That way later they will have the memory of it and you won't have to find a place to keep it or pay for it.  But there is many other ideas of things you can get at Disney that will also bring back memories but not cost you much.  I'm pretty frugal so I love getting things on the cheap and I plan to take some of these souvenirs and put them into a shadowbox so we can display and remember our vacation (I'll post a picture whenever I get around to making that).  But even if you just put these things in a shoebox in a closet they will bring back great memories whenever you pull the box out of the closet and crack it open in a few years.

1. Resort Shampoo, Conditioner & Soap:  I love anything with Mickey on it and these were just too cute not to take home with me.  Aren't the Mickey ear tops on them adorable?  (Might want to keep these in a Ziploc bag if you are going to save them for a long time.  Shampoo leaking on all your other souvenirs would not be good.)

2.  Resort Mugs:  Ok, ok these are not free or cheap.  They will cost you about $14.50 each but they do give you unlimited refills of soda/tea/etc. at your resort.  The reason why I put them on this list is because they were included in our dining plan that we had included in our package for "free".  I know I was still paying for it in the price of my package somehow but they are really great mugs and I'm sure we will be using them a lot even after our trip to Disney, so I call bargain!

3.  Maps, Times Guides, etc: Disney is constantly changing, adding and deleting things around the parks so a great souvenir is to pickup any of these items for FREE and keep them so you can remember what the parks had when you went.  Now if you are like me after a long day in the parks you maps look like they are about a hundred years old so if you want a clean copy of them just pick them up at your resort before you leave (the times guides you may want to pickup at the park as you leave because I'm not sure they have them at the resorts). 

4.  Pressed Pennies:  Our family loves to use Pressed Penny machines where ever we go.  For only $.51 you can get a cheap souvenir of your trip that you can rubber cement or sticky dot into any scrapbook, photo album or shadow box for a memory that will last.  The pressed quarters will set you back $1.25 each but I let the kids do a couple of these anyway.  I really wanted to get a lot of pennies from each of the parks so I splurged and bought a pressed penny book ($7) which is a great souvenir by itself there is a lot of great graphics of the characters on the front and it looks great sitting on my shelf.  Now if you want to fill up the who book it will cost you about $32 in change plus the cost of the book but finding the penny machines and choosing which ones you want is a great memory on its own so I think for a little under $40 it was a great deal. (I just wish we would have filled ours up)  But don't feel like you have to buy this many.  Just getting a few with your kids favorite characters would be a great memento.  (TIP:  Buy some mini M&M's, the ones that come in the plastic tubes, they are great for holding change.  You can stack the change Quarter, Quarter, Penny if you really want to be efficient.)

5. Confetti, Streamers, etc:  While confetti and streamers may not seem like a good souvenir it would look great in a photo album along with a picture of the event or show where you got it from.  This confetti came from the "Disney Junior-Live on Stage!" show.  It was the treasure that Jake & the Neverland Pirates found that came pouring down from the ceiling and had the kids scrambling to pick it up.  It is a great memory and now I can remember it better because I kept some of the confetti to put in my kids photo books. (FYI these are probably about 2in wide disks and the gold ones really did look like treasure coming down on us)

6.  Stickers:  They give out stickers at resort entrances, park entrances and probably other places.  Your kids will be given several of these during your stay most likely (I think some have different images on them). But before they have time to peel and stick them on something be sure to save a few for their photo albums. 

7. Autographs:  Autographs of the characters are the ultimate free souvenir that you can get at the parks.  Some lines can get long but there is nothing like seeing your child meet their favorite character.  I plan to get some pictures developed and put a picture of the character & my child in the facing page of their autographs.  (Stay tuned to my blog for more details on how I'm going to do that.)

8.  Unused Fast Passes:  If you find yourself in possession of some fastpasses that you were not able to use, don't throw them out.  Put them in your scrapbook for a free souvenir.  Plus they may bring back memories like... how your husband and son went on the ride but your daughter wouldn't so you had to sit outside in the sun waiting for them (because your husband didn't charge his cell phone) and then when they got out you thought you would ride it with your son but then he didn't want to, so you never did get to ride it.  You know memories like that.  Plus Disney has been testing out a new digital fastpass machines so it could be in the future that these passes are nonexistent so get them for souvenirs while you can.

9.  Coasters:  These coasters were in our room under the glasses.  They are just flat cardboard so they are easy to throw in your luggage and they have a great graphic on them.  So another great memento to put in that scrapbook of yours. 

10. Sorcerers of Magic Kingdom Cards & Maps:  I had to pickup these cards when we went to Magic Kingdom both days.  It is a fairly new activity you can do where you go up to either the fire station or a building farther in MK (look on your map) and give them your park ticket and they will issue you a package of cards along with a key card and a map.  Then you travel to different portholes trying to defeat villains from the movies from doing bad things to Magic Kingdom.  Now even if you don't want to play the game right then, you can pickup a pack of cards per person in your group with a ticket.  They are small and easy to carry around and then pack for  your trip home.  They also have awesome pictures of your favorite characters on them and would look great in your scrapbook.

11. Resort Cards, Photopass Cards, Arcade Cards:  There are many different types of cards that you may find yourself using throughout your stay at Disney.  Don't throw these out you can save them because like everything else at Disney they will probably have something new when you go back next time and you will want to remember what you had before.

12.  Epcot Country Stamps & Craft:  In each country in Epcot there is a "Kidcot Fun Stops" where you can meet someone from that country and make a craft and have them stamp something and sometimes they will write something for you in their own language or write a fact or something.  When we went they gave us a Duffy Bear and each country would stamp it as you went around.  But I was prepared with something else.  I printed each country's name and an image on blank index cards and I had my kids have them stamp and write on the cards.  The cards are much easier to throw in your bag than Duffy if you are tight on space.  I plan to put them in my kids books along with a picture from each country also (Stay tuned to my blog for more information on that also.)  (FYI:  You can buy a passport book in Epcot that you can have stamped and signed but I went cheap and made one myself.  I think it will turn out really good with pictures by each country.)

13.  Straws:  We picked up these straws for our kids.  I think they were about $.50 each so it was not very expensive and they can be cleaned and used again or would look pretty neat in a shadow box along with other things you collected.

14. Buttons:  Whether you are celebrating your 1st visit, wedding, anniversary or any special occasion they have a button for you.  Just pick one up at your resort or at the front area of any park for a free souvenir.

15.  Last but not least, Postcards:  Didn't get that great picture of the castle that you wanted?  Don't worry about it just pick up some postcards.  You can get professional pictures of any landmark in Disney or any character really cheap.  Best of all they are 4x6 so they will fit in your photo albums along with your other pictures.

Hope you enjoyed this list of cheap & free Disney World souvenirs.  If you have other ideas feel free to put them in the comments section to help out others.  Thanks.


  1. My husband and I are taking our daughter to Disney world for her 5th birthday in November. I was wondering, where did you get your pressed penny book? Also, loving your blog posts. We will also be staying at Port Orleans - Riverside in a Royal room. So, those blog posts were very helpful as well.

  2. We bought the penny book at one of the parks. There were two different designs. The most common one had Tinkerbell on it. As much as I love Tinkerbell I went for the one with all the characters on it so it wouldn't be so girly for my son. I wish I would have picked up a few more for all the other pressed pennies we pickup everywhere else because I've never found anywhere else that has this type of books. I think they were only like $7 or so. Oh and we LOVED Riverside. The resort is spread out a little bit but not terrible and the walk relaxing as long as you are not late for something. Take full advantage of all the free activities. The marshmallow roasts, movies under the stars, swingset, pool party, etc were my kids favorite things.

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  4. Another freebie is Transportation cards. Bus drivers, boat captains and monorail drivers are all supposed to carry cards that are like trading cards telling different modes of transportation. We only used the boat system but collect about 8 of those. You do have to ask and I wouldn't advise doing it at on a packed boat or bus. No idea how to get the monorail cards since you can't sit with the driver anymore.

  5. Another freebie is samples at the confectionary on main street. There is amost always a cast member walking around with samples. i <3 °0°

  6. How did you make the postcards?

  7. Where do u get the post cards and how much are they?


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