Saturday, June 2, 2012

Review of Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Royal Rooms

On our recent trip to Disney World we got to stay at one of the new Royal Rooms at Port Orleans Riverside which are in the Oak Manor & Parterre Buildings.  My daughter (4) was loving the pictures I showed her online of what our room was going to look like and she was gaga over the great princess touches.  She was telling everyone that she was going to stay at a princess room. Now my son (8) on the other hand was not loving the whole princess thing and would audibly moan whenever she talked about this "princess" room.  I assured him that it wasn't a princess room just a Royal Room and it wouldn't be too girly.  Luckily for me that turned out to be true.  Aside from a few pictures of the princesses hanging out around Riverside the rest of the room was just, well, Royal. He never once complained about the room and seemed to enjoy everything.  Now you will have to pay more for this type of room, but for us it was worth it because it made staying in a smaller sized room for a week much more enjoyable.  Staying in these rooms you will be close to the "Movies Under the Stars" because it is shown by the Oak Manor building, you will also be close to a quiet pool that is between Oak & Parterre but you will still have to walk down a sidewalk & across a bridge to get to the main building and then the main pool/play set/fire pit is over another bridge.  Here are some pictures that we got during our stay.

Aladdin faucet.  Don't you just love this!!!  What a great detail.
Footstool/Dog from Beauty & Beast.  I was nice & comfy also.
Here are those princess pictures I was talking about.  It's the only really girly touch.
Beds with great headboards.  You press a button on the side and fireflies and fireworks go off in the scene
Seating area
Another princess picture.  This one is kind of 3D. The white line is from my flash.
View from bathroom into room.
Letter from princess Tiana that is actually part of the table.
Fridge in Room.  Who do you think had the bright idea to make the doors swing open different ways???
Wallpaper boarder in room
Wallpaper boarder in bathroom
Coat rack with Cinderella's Carriage on it.
Light over table & chairs.  See the hidden Mickey.
One of the Prince pictures in the room.
Main light in the room.  Sorry, no ceiling fan here.
Our room.  So sad to see it go.
Soap, Shampoo & Conditioner from the Resort

I forgot to mention storage space.  You will read a lot of reviews for these rooms that talks about the lack of storage space but I found the storage space to be more than adequate for our family of 4 for a 6day/6night trip. There is 3 nice size drawers in the dresser the rest of the dresser is for the fridge. There is a small table between the beds that has a open space under it for some stuff. Between the door & the bed is a little nook area that we put all of our empty luggage. Under the TV is enough space to put 2 shoe boxes worth of snacks & a little extra space and still leave most of the top of the dresser free. The bathroom has a fairly large closet rod with a shelf over it that you can use to store more stuff either on the shelf or on the floor below it. In the bathroom there is a shelf area below the mirror but above the sink counter where we put all of our toiletries without cluttering up the sink area. I wish I had pictures of more things in the room but somehow I seem to have missed sooo many things. Maybe I'll remember to get better shots next time I go.

Hope you liked all the pictures if you want to see my whole review of Port Orleans Riverside Resort you can check it out HERE.


  1. It's so beautiful! I want to go right now! Are you going to review the park too?

  2. Stay tuned for my trip report that has reviews of the parks. It might take me a while to write that because there is so many things to do at Disney.


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