Saturday, July 21, 2012

Make your own custom glass magnets

These magnets are sooo super easy to make and are totally customizable also.  I made my magnets on tags for Christmas presents, so I made them using old Christmas cards.  You could also make them with scrapbook paper, stickers, photos, paint chips, pretty much anything on heavy paper will work. 

Supplies you will need  (I got my supplies at Wal-Mart but you could also get them at any craft store.)
Round Magnets
Clear Flat sided glass beads
Glue (I used E-6000 glue, smelly but effective)
Round Hole Punch size of glass beads (you could cut the circles but a punch makes it go faster)
Some kind of decorative paper (see ideas above)

That's all the supplies you need.  See I told you this was going to be super easy.

Now this is one of my projects that I made a ton of and they turned out really great but I forgot to take pictures of any of the steps to make it so you are just going to have to use your imagination.

Step 1:  Hole punch your design by flipping the punch upside down and put your paper into it so you can see the image and line it up before punching.  If you are using thin paper or stickers mount them onto card stock before punching so they will turn out better.

Step 2:  Place a small drop of glue on top of the punched circle of paper.

Step 3:  Place the glass bead gently onto the drop of glue and slowly press down so the glue spreads out onto the punched disk until the bead is glued to the whole disk.  Repeat for all glass beads/punched disks.  Let dry.

Step 4: Place small drop of glue onto magnet and then press glass bead that has been mounted onto your card stock on top of it and press gently until it is adhered.  Let dry.  You are finished!

If you want you can make these into a tag like I did to attach to a present and make them look more professional.  I just took strips of card stock and made a quick design in photoshop so I could make multiple tags on a strip.  Then feed the strips through my printer and cut apart the individual tags.  Then I used a corner rounder punch to get rid of the sharp corners and a hole punch for the top.  I found some metal squares I had and glued that to my tags so the magnets would have something to hold onto but you could glue metal washers onto your tag if you don't have anything else and that would work also. 

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