Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sports Themed Birthday Cake

Am I the only one that has this problem...I find the most difficult thing in the world to make and I fall in love with it then I have to spend hours making it.  I recently did this to myself yet again.  My sons birthday was coming up and he wanted a sports themed party.  So I started googling and pinteresting and I found an awesome sports cake that was 3-tiers and had logos for a hockey team on top, a baseball team in the middle and a football team on the bottom.  Only problem was that it was made out of fondant.  I have only used fondant a few times and I've always bought it and only used it for accents on a buttercream icing cake.  My family doesn't really like the taste of fondant so I was a little leery doing a whole cake out of it but I found a marshmallow fondant recipe that I heard tastes better than the other kind, so I was going to try to do it.  I've talked myself out of doing it and back into making this cake over the last couple days but yesterday I finally decided to bite the bullet and just do it.  Last night I made the cake layers (used 3 cake mixes to make them) along with a few cupcakes from the extra batter.  I also made the fondant last night (Wilton recipe here) and wrapped it up and put in the fridge.  Then I got up bright and early this morning and was working on the cake I think by about 8am.  I made the buttercream icing and started icing & layering the cakes.  Then I got out the fondant, it was hard as a rock.  I had to spend quite a bit of time working it to get it soft and dividing it up and adding the different colors to each bit of fondant.  Then I rolled it out and put it on the cake smoothed it out (I don't really have any fondant tools so I did the best I could just using my hand).  I cut all the decorations and added them to the cake.  By this time it was about Noon and I was going to have family coming soon for lunch so even though I had 2 more sports teams logos to add I was done.  I told my son that's all I was going to be able to do and I think he was still happy with it.  I wish I would have had more time to work on it and get some things looking better and add those logos but for my first time making and using marshmallow fondant, I think it turned out really good.  (I found out that we still didn't really like the taste of fondant and neither did most of the kids at the party, but it made it look really good.)

Masking Tape Football Field

Here is a cheap, I mean really cheap sports party decorating idea.  It cost me 77 cents.  That's right it cost under $1 to make and you only need one thing.... a roll of masking tape. 

I did this on my basement carpet which is carpet tiles, it probably wouldn't work as good if you had really shaggy carpet, but it would work on concrete or probably vinyl.  I just took the masking tape and made a large rectangle and then made several dividing lines.

Then I added numbers to the "yard" lines and hash marks.

Finally I added "TOUCHDOWN" and some ball pit balls for the game.

The only game we played was the kids trying to roll their ball and get it to stop right on a certain yard line.  But I'm sure there is dozens of game ideas that you could use this for.  I was going to do a race game but I had about 12 kids so my field was no where near big enough to do that so it was mostly just a decoration.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Teacher, Daycare & Sunday School Gifts

Last year I went all out and got all my son's teachers, principal, school secretaries, nurse; my daughters daycare teachers and both their Sunday school teachers a gifts (18 total gifts) for Christmas.  It helped that i got a great deal at Bath & Body Works to be able to give them all something. Here is just some of the things I got from B&BW. 

I just took some white lunch bags (you know the ones that I blog a lot about, because I bought a huge bundle of them at Sams years ago and I'm still using them) and put some red metallic filler in it.  I actually got the red filler in a  present that I had already received this year, so I got to recycle that, which was great.  Then I put one of the pump soaps or antibacterial tubes that I got from Bath & Body works in the bag.  The tubes were kind of small so I used some tissue paper as filler in those.

I folded the bag over & hole punched it 2 times.  I then ran 2 strands of different colored ribbon through the holes and tied it into a knot to seal the bag shut.  Then I added one of the magnet labels that I made (I'll post a link whenever I do a blog post on how to make the magnets) and tied into a knot again.  Curl the ribbon by running your scissors over it and you got yourself one awesome gift.

Here are all my packages that I ended up making.  I ran out of B&BW stuff so I had to give one of the teenage helpers at Sunday school just the magnets.  I just ran some ribbon through the hole and curled it and it turned out pretty cute just by its self.  I have several of the magnet labels left but I plan on using them for cookie plates or just putting some ribbon on them and giving them out as presents to friends and family.

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